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People are what really make the difference in the hotel business. The staff at Rockland Harbor Hotel is a member of Maine Course Hospitality Group, and part of our promise to guests is to positively impact lives. The Rockland Harbor team was selected with this in mind.

Learn more about our team members below. We promise to live by our values every day: integrity, respect, family and fun! And we look forward to positively impacting the lives of our guests.

Tim Prosser, General Manager

Tim Prosser

General Manager

As I grew up, my father taught me about kindness and humor, keeping it simple, and the importance of leaving the world a better place. He also taught me about discipline and selflessness. When I first started working on a hotel front desk I found that I genuinely cared about making the guests happy. I was once told “you’re too nice to be a good manager,” but I just kept going with my instincts and good intentions — with both guests and staff — and I’ve had good results.

Becoming a member of the Maine Course Hospitality Group is like coming home. Their leadership and guest interaction philosophies — doing what’s right and what works best — match my own. Outside of work I enjoy biking, boating, hiking, golf, and exploring nature with my Scottish terrier, and the Rockland area is a natural fit. I’m eager to live and work in the mid-coast region and discover all that it has to offer.

Cameron Butler, Operations Manager

Rachel Penney

Operations Manager

As the twelfth of thirteen children in my family, the aunt to over 40 nieces and nephews, and a great-aunt to over 60, I have to be open for whatever adventures cross my path. Growing up in a big family and being there for each other, it always felt right to look for the positive. Kind of like being in the hotel business.

My mom had the biggest impact on my life. She always helped me be a better person. Many times, I would ask myself, “What would Mom do?” And today, my children, Sarah and Bennett, and my husband, Rod, are three of my biggest cheerleaders.

I love being part of Maine Course, and especially love greeting guests with a smile.

Jamey Kitchen, Hotel Operations

Josh Cushing

Hotel Operations

My purpose in life is to support and assist others in achieving their full potential while also creating a fulfilling life and a lasting legacy for my family. My wife and children mean everything to me, and I strive to be there for them in every possible way. Additionally, I am committed to fostering the growth and development of all those I work with, as I believe that this is something that can benefit everyone involved.

At Maine Course, family and culture are paramount. When I became a part of the MCHG family, I was immediately welcomed with open arms and felt like I belonged.

The people there genuinely care about me as a person and are interested in what I bring to the table. I feel like I have found my true calling.

When I am not working, I love spending time with my family. Whether it’s a relaxing day at home, a family movie night, or an overnight trip to explore new places, we enjoy doing it together. We also love being outdoors and going for walks or hikes with our dog, as well as spending time at our summer home in Nova Scotia.

The family that my wife and I have created together serves as a constant source of motivation for me to be a better person and a better leader. I have come to realize that the separation between work and family is not as crucial as I once thought, as both aspects of my life have a profound impact on each other.